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Thawing food fast has never been so easy.

Stop spoiling your food by using a microwave and hot water that end up cooking your meat and foster the development of bacteria.

With the Dr. Thaw Table™, save yourself the headache of forgetting to take the food out of the freezer ahead of time. 

Our tray is the solution to eliminate last minute thawing frustration.

What The Thaw Table Can Do For You

Defrost Food Quickly, Safely, And Naturally

If meat and other foods are not thawed or defrosted properly, harmful bacteria can grow and multiply on them.

The Thaw Table allows you to defrost your food quickly, safely, and naturally

It does not require electricity, batteries, or any type of chemicals.

And no more using a microwave or hot water that can lead to bacteria growth to defrost your food again! 

Defrost Meat
6 Times Quicker

Made from a special aluminum alloy with a thermal conductivity of 20,000 times that of ordinary metals, our tray achieves a high-speed heat exchange, resulting in the fastest natural thawing. 

How long will it take?

All meats thaw at different times depending on their size. 

Expect regular chicken breasts, steak, pork chops etc… to defrost between 25-60 minutes – depending on their thickness.

Why Us?

We work directly with manufacturers all over the world to ensure the best quality of our products. 

We have a Quality Control department which helps us to keep our promise!

Awesome Customer Service – Ask Away In Our 24/7 Chat!

Amazing products along with High Quality

Read reviews from our lovely customers below!


What Our Customers Are Saying About Their Thaw Table


Makes Defrosting Way More Manageable. Works with meat, cheese, etc. Its awesome, really does cut the time in half.

Mike Martin

A friend told me about this and I admit I was skeptical. However, this tray works just as described. My frozen meats thaw more quickly than leaving them in the fridge or out on the counter. Allows me to switch to a different meal option much more quickly. The tray does bend – mine arrived unevenly low at one corner – but can be bent back to flat easily. Cleans up easily as well. Glad I took a chance on this!

Connor Powers

Was very wary of this would work but after reading some reviews I figured I’d give a try. I have a lot of frozen meats and can never defrost them in time during my lunch hour. Gave it a try today. Placed a frozen wrapped steak on the tray, and it was completely defrosted in an hour or so. It would have easily taken me 5+ hours to defrost that. I’ve left steaks in my sink before and going back to work at 12 coming back at 4 it would still be frozen on the inside. I haven’t used it with multiple items on the tray yet, but so far it’s working very well. Big thumbs up!!

Rose Smith


Most frequent questions and answers

The Thaw Table can slide easily into a narrow space. Measures approximately 35 x 20.5 x 0.2cm and can be hand washed or bottom rack dishwasher to sterilize.

We store a bulk of product in the USA but on the off chance we sell out of a product it will be supplied from one of our Warehouses overseas.

When you place your order, you will receive a Purchase Confirmation email confirming your Order # and purchase details. You can cancel your order or make changes to your shipping information the same day you placed your order by midnight. After 6 hours, your order will be processed for stocking, packing and shipping and this normally takes 5-10 working days. When this is completed, you will receive a Shipping Confirmation email.

Once your order has shipped, we will send you another Shipping Update email with your tracking number. To track your package, simply click on the link provided. Tracking information may not be available for the first couple of days after you receive your Shipping Update email. Several days may pass between package scans. We assure you that this is normal and will not affect your expected delivery date.


Orders from the US: Delivery date and time are now approximately 5 – 12 business days from order date (depending on how strict the Customs in your State is).

Orders from outside the US: Delivery date and time is approximately 1-3 weeks from shipping date (depending on how strict the Customs in your Country is).

If your product is damaged or defected, please contact us via chat or email saying “Return: Damage or Defected item with your order #” along with a photograph so we can immediately look into sending you a new one.

The return policy will only apply to damaged items or products that have any manufacturing problems. We will not make any refunds or changes once the product has been successfully delivered in normal condition.

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